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How do you picture your future? What do you want to see?

Somewhere around life’s “Big 5-0” mile marker, most people are astonished when they realize, “Wow! I’m over half-way through my life’s journey!” That thought zaps many active, achieving people like a lightning bolt. Then comes the predictable, but scary question…“What will my future be like from today forward?”



How do you feel about aging? Do you imagine  a future where you look great, feel healthy, energetic and successful? Or do you honestly worry a little? Unfortunately, the majority of people over 50 confess that one of their greatest fears is the possibility of losing their health and memory to diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease or stroke later in life.



Jeanie McKay, the creator of the acclaimed Octane for the Brain book and training programs, understands the “over 50” worries. Because of her personal experience caring for a loved one whose future did not turn out bright, Jeanie has spent the majority of her career helping adults live purposeful, healthy, and active lives. If you envision bright tomorrows, check out the powerful, effective resources Jeanie provides. They are designed to help you embrace aging as something to look forward to…not something to dread.

Own your tomorrows! You have more control than you think.

It’s Not Too Late To “Better Your Brain!”

Researchers tell us that our future does not depend solely on some lucky draw in our gene pool. Certain brain activities, exercise routines, food, and mindsets affect our brains for better or worse. You may have read articles about adult brain neuroplasticity. And you may know that your brain can grow new neurons in some situations.

But here are the million-dollar questions that affect your future!

Do you actually know HOW to strengthen your brain and help it change and develop as you grow older? Do you know which lifestyle activities spark an increase in neural connections and help your brain regenerate?” Do you know the things you currently do that most likely harm your brain? Do you understand how your thoughts affect the aging process? Do you know how to minimize risks for Alzheimer’s and other neurological impairments? Let Octane for the Brain help you build a healthy brain and bright future.

It’s not about the number of years in your life. It’s about the LIFE in your years!