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Knowledge You Can Hold

A Surefire Formula to Boost Your Aging Mental Engine..

Books get written for many different reasons. The Octane for the Brain book came about by popular request. After delivering many presentations and workshops to help people learn an evidence-based formula to boost their mental engines, audiences and workshop trainees were enthralled by what they learned. So they asked for more classes as well as a book that they could use for continued learning and sharing with friends and family members.


So Jeanie McKay, health care leader/consultant, and Founder of MindZone LLC and Octane for the Brain programs, authored a clear, easy-to-understand book to help people 50 and beyond fire-up their brains’ performance. The 272 page book is based on game-changing brain health research. Jeanie’s writing style is both informative and humorous. The tips she presents in the book are priceless.

Discover a wealth of effective ways to harness your memory power and reduce your risk of brain disease in Octane for the Brain!

What’s inside?

The book contains a variety of informative and activity-based pages divided into three powerful brain-charging sections:

Part 1:

Understanding Your Aging Mental Engine

Part 2:

A High Octane Formula to Boost Your Performance

Part 3:

Tune Up Your Cognitive Parts (100+Thinkercise Activities)

Who will benefit most from this book?

  • Anyone 50 or beyond who wants to stay active, keep sharp, and live long and well.
  • Caregivers and family members who want to understand more about the process of brain aging and what to do to help themselves and others preserve their memory.
  • Book discussion groups who want to boost their brain power while learning , exercising their brain through activities, and having fun in a group setting.

What people are saying about the book

What you will discover when you read this book

  • You will discover amazing new research about how brains age and how you can fight the affects of aging on your mental engine.
  • You will learn which symptoms of brain aging are considered normal and which symptoms you should take up with your physician.
  • You will learn which foods maximize your brain health and are good for keeping your body youthful.
  • You will discover which types of mental exercises strengthen brain connections and why it is important to stimulate all areas of your brain.
  • You will find out  why it is critically important to make brain-boosting lifestyle changes NOW if you want to minimize risks of Alzheimer’s and other serious diseases.
  • You will discover how your attitude toward aging affects the way  you actually age.
  • You will learn what to do to reduce risks of head injuries due to falling, and you will discover important early-warning signs of stroke.
  • You will find out why hanging out with your friends and social connections can give a big boost to your cognitive function.