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Jeanie McKay, professional speaker, author, facilitator, and coach,  presents a positive view of aging. She considers middle-age an “Age of Adult Renaissance.” That perspective is grounded in her own life experience, her strong education in cognitive health, and her professional background in adult development. “Most everyone is versed in the development of childhood into mid-adulthood,” she says. “But too few people think of the abundant developmental opportunities awaiting older adults. Until recent times, people lived only two percent of their lives as older adults. Now we’re living twenty-six percent of our lifetimes as older adults!” Jeanie passionately tells audiences, “It’s important to model your life after oak trees, after all…their most productive years begin at 50!”

Why audiences are excited to hear Jeanie McKay speak…

People rave about Jeanie’s hope-filled, inspiring presentations because of the knowledge she shares, her authenticity, and her amazing presentation style. Jeanie also serves as a great role model for anyone who wants to rock their 50s and beyond. She lives a healthy, vibrant “Never Say Whoa!” kind of life. When someone asks her age, she proudly boasts that she’s 67. “But who’s countin’?” she inquires with her big Texas-woman smile and slight drawl.


Jeanie’s presentations combine the science of the brain with the art of being human. Her knowledge of the brain’s anatomy, neurotransmitters, and the “emotional brain” is amazing and relevant. Somehow Jeanie always delivers complex scientific information and research in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand way that audiences enjoy. Jeanie keeps her audiences engaged by providing self-assessments, interactive activities, stories, examples and fantastic take-home resources for continued learning.


As a speaker, Jeanie is respected not only for the rich-content she shares and the multi-media “come-alive learning” experience she provides, but she is known for her energetic, witty style as well as her compassion for individuals and families affected by diseases of aging.


Sometimes audience members share stories and tears of empathy. Other times they laugh so hard, they cry. Jeanie has a knack for making serious topics entertaining and fun. Whenever an audience member asks her to share the most important key to a longer life, Jeanie grins, nods, and answers, “Just keep on breathing, my friend!”


Jeanie believes that each minute of life is a priceless gift, and aging is part of the wondrous cycle of life. After the applause ends, audience members leave with a better understanding of how their brains age and how their lifestyle choices TODAY impact their TOMORROWS.


Rave Reviews from jeanie’s Audiences

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Octane for the Brain

  • A High Octane Brain User’s Guide
  • 10 Keys to Reducing Your Risk of Dementia, Stroke and Concussion
  • 10 Ways to Hardwire Your Brain and Nourish Those Neurons of Yours
  • The One Thing That Changed Everything…and Other Keys to Brain Health
  • Where Are My Keys? Understand How Your Memory Works and How You Can Improve It!

Future-Proofing Your Mental and Physical Health: The New Realities of Aging

  • Shifting Gears! The New Reality of Aging
  • 100 Candles and Other Joys of Aging
  • How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are? How Your Attitude About Aging Affects the Way You Age
  • Gray Valor – Amazing Personal Reinventions After 50
  • When Do Mid-life and Senior-hood Begin? And Why Does It Matter?
  • Becoming Beautiful From the Inside Out (In collaboration with a cosmetologist/plastic surgeon)
  • Reclaim Your Playful Spirit!

Managing Your Energy and Life Potential

  • SPARK! Great Ways to Re-CHARGE Your Energy in Your 50s…and Beyond
  • Overwhelmed? Overworked? Great Ways to Rev-up Your Mid-Life (and Beyond) “E-Factor”
  • Great Ways to Boost Your Energy, Feel Better and Be More Effective
  • Create Your Personal Vitality Portfolio

Navigating Change and Life Transitions

  • Survive Life’s Storms By Cultivating Emotional Agility and a Resilience Mindset
  • Thriving During Change and Transitions
  • Secrets to Help You Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (in collaboration with a financial retirement-years guru)
  • “Never Say Whoa!” Inspiration for Anyone (At Aany Age) Who Wants to Live With Grit and Grace
  • Messy Journey → Happy Life!
  • The Supreme Power of a Resilient Mindset
  • Change Your Mind…Change Your Brain

Self-care for Caregivers

  • Give Me Grace! How to Care For Patients, Residents, or Loved Ones Without Losing Yourself
  • Taking the Wheel: Maintaining Great Relationships When Children Make Tough Decisions For Parents
  • Aging Communication: A Family Affair

Seasonal Presentations

  • New Year…New Goals (Recommended for November- January)
  • The Healthy Brain Benefits of Time-honored Seasonal Celebrations (Recommended for November-December)
  • Smooth Sailing Through Life’s Changing Seasons (Recommended for Autumn or Spring season)
  • Leaving a Legacy: “It’s A Wonderful Life!” (Recommended for December)

Hardwiring Brains for Success: Neurosience Foundations (For Professional Coaches)

*Hardwiring Brains for Success: How Neuroscience Can Change the Way We Coach

*Rewiring the Brain for Improved Emotional Agility and Resilience

*ICF CCEU accredited

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