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Jeanie Mckay’s “Life-Makeover” Coaching Story


My favorite “make-believe” game as a child was playing “teacher.” I loved to deliver lessons and write with chalk on blackboards.. I taught my pretend lessons by the hour…even if no other kids came to my imaginary school.


Teaching  became my passion, so I majored in educational development. And with my over-achieving enthusiasm, I took on a second college major, and I became a speech and language pathologist as well.


As a speech pathologist, I specialized in memory and language rehabilitation with stroke survivors. I branched out into taking on roles in organizational, learning, and leadership development. All was well as I worked myself into Sr. Consultant and Director roles in health systems.


But to be honest, I never quite “got away” from my first love…that of helping patients rehabilitate and “rewire” their brains’ pathways. I loved the people I served, and I was excited to see so many of them redevelop their brain’s capabilities as we worked together.


Then something dawned on me! It seemed sad to see patients and families suffer. After all, hospitals and clinics treat patients after injuries, illness, disease, or trauma. I started thinking that perhaps I should focus my knowledge and skills on prevention!


At that point, I started to deliver “Octane for the Brain” seminars and workshops. The response was overwhelmingly positive. The high attendance numbers affirmed that there are many people 50 and over who want to minimize risks of cognitive impairment and memory loss. But, I knew I could not do two full-time jobs. I could stay in my internal corporate role, or I could branch out and do what I felt was my “calling.” So I laid awake night after night pondering, “Shall I stay…or shall I go?” Then my health began to suffer. My energy was diminishing, and I wasn’t sleeping well. It was hard to breathe, and I was highly distracted.


After living with indecision for an entire year, I finally invested in a coach to help me figure out the best choice. I’m glad I did.


My coach allowed me to talk freely about my choices, risks, and fears. She provided insights and helped me reflect. She validated my feelings and championed my decision to take the road-less-traveled and follow my call to help people rev up their brain power and memory.


Even highly successful people and professional coaches get stuck at times. But I felt a coach helped me reignite my career and helped me transform my own health.


That is why I’m “full-speed ahead” developing new preventative training programs for the “Generation Age-less”  community.


I would be honored to help you prepare for an active, energetic, future. Let me know how I can help!



Jeanie McKay, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder of MindZone LLC and Octane for the Brain Learning Programs