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Octane for the Brain Foundations Workshop

If people tell you that mental decline is simply a part of aging, I ask you to think again! The brain does age, but while it may not be possible to completely prevent memory lapses, you can hold onto a quick, sharp mind as you grow older. There are things you can do to preserve and promote your brainpower. And many of the simple things you need to do take just minutes a day.


Scientists have discovered the brain’s tremendous capacity to repair itself. No matter how old you are, the brain can modify its structure and stave off much age-related decline. When one neural network dies, the brain can sprout brand-new connections and create alternate networks.  Your brain is like a muscle…use it or lose it!


This workshop is designed to provide you with lifestyle tools you can use to reverse cognitive decline. You will learn how to beat the brain-destroying effects of stress-related cortisol, and you will learn the best ways to protect yourself from dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke, and falls that may result in brain injuries.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover which simple brain exercises help you create and strengthen neural networks.
  • Learn how physical exercise helps keep your mind and memory fit.
  • Learn how stress hormones can kill the brain…and what you can do about it.
  • Discover the importance of cognitive reserve. Discover what it means and how you can offset the risks and destruction of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Learn which dietary food and drink choices protect your brain and which ones negatively affect your brain.
  • Discover ways to fight inflammation and protect your brain from “rust.”


Facilitator: The workshop facilitator is a highly trained health system cognitive rehabilitation and wellness specialist. She is also an adult learning and development consultant and certified life transitions coach.


Suggested Program Format: (Three 3-hour sessions with spacing between sessions for completing assignments and processing learning.)


Prerequisites: None


Customization: This workshop is customizable to a variety of audience needs. A faith-based version of this training is available.