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Power-Up Your Memory Workshop

So you tied a string on your finger to help you remember something important, right? But when you looked at the string, did you forget what you were trying to remember?


It is common to joke about common memory “speed bumps” as we grow older. But did you realize that humans begin to lose memory capacity by age 18, and the ability to memorize becomes more difficult as early as age 30? WOW! By mid-life, most people notice an increase in the occurrence of memory glitches, and typically they being to fret and worry. Although a certain degree of forgetfulness is normal, new research has uncovered steps we can take (at any age) to strengthen our memory and protect our brains from dementia. How is your memory holding up? Could you use some octane for the brain about now?


Since we are now living longer than previous generations did, most people turning fifty today can expect to live another thirty-plus years. For many, that is more time than they spent working. To help us preserve memories, it’s important to sharpen the brain up NOW!


In this workshop, you will learn how to fight against the memory bandits that hold up your thoughts and words. When you attend, you will learn the complexities of memory creation, storage, and retrieval. You’ll learn, for example, why you never forget how to shift a car’s gears, but you can’t remember where you left your car’s keys!


Note! This workshop is highly recommended for caregivers as well.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn why your brain was designed to remember…and to forget!
  • Discover why some memories stick like Velcro and other memories seem made of non-stick Teflon.
  • Learn how your memory reacts to stress. (By the way, it’s not always bad!)
  • Find out which medications may affect your memory.
  • Discover a host of “memory hack tools” to keep you focused and razor-sharp.


Facilitator: The workshop facilitator is a highly trained health system cognitive rehabilitation and wellness specialist. She is also an adult learning and performance consultant as well as a certified life transitions coach.


Suggested Program Format: (Three 3-hour sessions with spacing between sessions for completing assignments and processing learning.)


Prerequisites: The Octane for the Brain Foundations Workshop is a recommended prerequisite.


Customization: This workshop is customizable to a variety of audience needs.