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Time-Honored Holiday Traditions Bring Blessings… and Score Major Health Benefits

Whether hanging a time-work star on top of a Christmas tree, spinning a dreidel, lighting candles on an heirloom menorah or playing African drums in honor of Kwanzaa, seasonal traditions find their way into most homes this time of year.

When we were children, eagerness and expectation filled the air at holiday time. We thought the Big Day would never arrive. But as we’ve grown older, that childlike anticipation has diminished for many people. While we buy gifts for others, we silently tally the dollars spent, and it can depress us. When sentimental Hallmark holiday movies appear on TV, we feel ashamed that our decorations may be “inferior” to the ones viewed on the screen.


Jeanie Mckay

Author of Octane for the Brain, Jeanie McKay, is a sought-after certified Life Transitions and Leadership Success coach, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator with over 20 years experience empowering others to live their best lives. Jeanie is the Founder of MindZone LLC "Where the science of the brain meets the art of being human". Jeanie's most popular programs for "Generation Age-less" include Octane for the Brain: Rock Your 50s and Beyond... Ignite! Energy Dynamics, and Master-Minds for Health and Well-Being.

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